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Professional Issues

CAUT’s “Fair Employment Week”

“Contract academic staff are under attack,” reads the opening banner to the Canadian Association of University Teachers’ (CAUT) website posting for Fair Employment Week, October 21-25.  ACCUTE agrees.  We are working now on statistics, but some recent postings have indicated that about one-half of the teaching undergraduate students […]

Making the Case

“The corporate attack on the university” is scarcely news, writes Peter Fettner in his 2011 essay on “The Crisis in the Humanities”. And if you do anything with social media, you’ve already seen some of the many web postings that strike back in support of humanities […]

We’ve just witnessed the birth of a new advocacy website for the humanities in Canada: This blog emerged out of a  TransCanada Institute Think Tank project on emerging scholars, which ACCUTE  blogged about on April 16th: And it’s hard to imagine a more timely intervention into […]

Comment: Calculating the net worth of the humanities

By: LISA SURRIDGE AND TIMOTHY ILES; Taken from: Thousands of delegates to the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences have descended upon the University of Victoria this week from across the country and, indeed, around the world. There could be nothing better for the local economy: eight days of […]

The 76%

Sarah Kendzior’s April 11th, 2013 article in Aljazeera: reports “76% of American university faculty are adjunct professors,” which means that most of them receive no benefits, including health care, make “an average of $2,700 per course,” and live below the poverty line.  Most PhD graduates in English […]