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Hook and Eye: Dear Contract Academic Faculty.

As we watch the events of National Adjunct Walkout Day, we wanted to share the below again, written by Erin Wunker, Contract Academic Faculty representative on ACCUTE’s executive.  This piece was originally written for Hook and Eye (please go check out all of their wonderful posts), and we […]

National (and then some) Adjunct Walkout Day

By way of a follow-up to yesterday’s post about statistics–or the lack thereof–in relation to academic hiring in Canada, we’d like to call everyone’s attention to this release regarding National Adjunct Walkout Day, scheduled for February 25.  The “national” in that name refers to the US, though we […]

Once Again, Without Data

It has become a common complaint, across the board, that statistics relating to Canadian higher education are sorely lacking or, when they do exist, are misleading–ACCUTE past-president Stephen Slemon has written about this matter on this very blog.  Whether it’s in terms of faculty hiring (and of what sorts), […]

Enrolments, Apocalypse, Opportunity?

It’s January, and that means a few things: people are busy, for one, what with the end of the first month of term; grant season (which is now concentrated in several points throughout the year–maybe go buy your department’s or faculty’s grants person a drink or some chocolate!)*; […]