Board of Directors

Since its inception, ACCUTE has operated out of Departments of English in many different Canadian universities. To promote effective regional representation, ACCUTE moves its executive office every two years, coinciding with each president’s term of office.

Members of the Board

President: 2016-18
Manina Jones (Western University) I am a Canadian literature specialist whose work in that field has ranged from early nineteenth century to contemporary literature, and includes publications on poetry, fiction, drama, and autobiography. I also have a longstanding interest in crime fiction, and am currently at work on a book called Cross Border Crime in Fiction, Film and Television: Bodies on the Line. Since 1995, I’ve been a member of the Department of English at Western University. Before that, I worked at Carleton University and the University of Waterloo. For more information, see my professional bios here and here.
Vice President: 2016-18
Madeline Bassnett (Western University) I’m a specialist in sixteenth and seventeenth-century non-dramatic literature, with a focus on early modern women’s writing. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about early modern food culture the last few years, which has allowed me to explore some unusual documentary material, such as dietaries, agricultural manuals, and recipe books. As an offshoot of my research, I also teach a seminar on food in early modern literature, which includes the assignment of choosing and making a seventeenth-century recipe. A highlight for me, and I think–despite (or because of) the challenges–for the students as well.
Contract Academic Faculty Caucus Representative: 2016-18
Ross Daniel Bullen (OCAD University) I have worked as a Contract Academic Faculty member at Western University, McGill University, Mount Allison University, and now at OCAD University in Toronto where I am a Teaching-Intensive Stream Lecturer in English. Most of my teaching experience is in the field of American literature and culture, but I’ve also taught courses in popular culture, material culture, children’s literature, and science fiction. I’m interested in writing about American literature from the nineteenth-century to the present, comparative racialization, the role of money in literature, and white elephants. You can learn more about my work by checking out my website.
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President, Graduate Student Caucus: 2016-18
Kala Hirtle (Dalhousie University) I am a Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Graduate Scholarship-funded PhD candidate at Dalhousie University. My dissertation builds on my interest in medical humanities and is tentatively titled “Altered States of Consciousness: Gender, Nineteenth-Century Medical Discourse and Gothic Literature.” My interests also include Popular Culture, Fantasy Literature, and Romanticism. I was the president of Dalhousie’s Association of Graduate Students in English for two years and president-elect of the ACCUTE graduate student caucus. I look forward to bringing what I have learned from these positions to my new gig as President for ACCUTE’s graduate caucus.
Member-at-large: 2017-19
Lee Easton (Mt. Royal University)
Member-at-large: 2017-19
Mark McCutcheon (Athabasca University)
Member-at-large: 2016-18
Brenna Clarke Gray (Douglas College) Brenna Clarke Gray holds a PhD in Canadian Literature from the University of New Brunswick. She is a full-time faculty member in the department of English at Douglas College, where she coordinates the Associate of Arts degrees. Her research areas are contemporary Canadian comics and representations of Canada in mainstream American comics.
President-Elect 2017-18
Jennifer Andrews (University of New Brunswick) I am a Professor in the Department of English at the University of New Brunswick, with teaching and research interests in English-Canadian, American, and North American Indigenous literatures.  I have been a member of ACCUTE since 1993 and served as the Graduate Student Representative from 1996-1997, even writing a column on alt-academic careers for the ACCUTE newsletter during my time in that role—oh those many years ago!  I am especially interested in professional concerns around gender and broad definitions of family care, as well as labour precarity, and the increasing scarcity of full-time permanent academic work.

I have served as Department Chair at UNB (2013-2016) and on the executive of CACE (Canadian Chairs of English), was co-editor of Studies in Canadian Literature for a decade (2002-2012), and have been a member of various SSHRC and ASPP committees, as well as a delegate to the MLA. I co-authored Border Crossings: Thomas King’s Cultural Inversions (UTP, 2003) and wrote In the Belly of a Laughing God: Humour and Irony in Native Women’s Poetry (UTP, 2011). My current research project, which was supported with a SSHRC IDG grant from 2013-2017, examines Americans who write about Canada; I am writing a monograph on the topic.

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Editor, English Studies in Canada (ex-officio)
Allan Pero (Western University)
President, Canadian Association of Chairs of English (ex-officio)

Jacqueline Jenkins (University of Calgary) Jacqueline Jenkins is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of English at the University of Calgary. She is the author of a number of articles and essays on medieval women and medieval texts, as well as on medieval women’s reading habits, and vernacular religious writing and saints’ lives. Her current research examines the relationships between medieval dramatic literature, saints’ lives, and the performance histories of medieval manuscript texts. For more information see here.


Office Members and non-voting Executive Participants

ACCUTE Coordinator: 2017-18
Alicia Robinet (Western University)