ACCUTE Resources for Online Teaching

A Growing List of Resources for Teaching Online

By Jennifer Andrews

Updated: March 26, 2020

Given that many universities and colleges are now asking instructors to move their courses on-line with very little time to do so, ACCUTE is composing an ad hoc list of broad-based and fully- accessible resources to help members do so. Please let us know if you have additions! 

My own university has a prepared a really wonderful guide to accessing library research materials and resources remotely for those who work and study at UNB, and is offering tutorial sessions from the Centre for Teaching and Learning at UNB, but these resources and access to them varies by university and usually requires an id and password. What I did do this afternoon is test out a Zoom meeting for my graduate course which restarts next Monday; the test worked and because I am familiar with Zoom it was much less stressful. 

That said, we know that students do not always have the means to simply hop on-line; some will be heading home, while others will be worrying about whether they want to come to class or what might happen to their much needed income as hourly work is cut back in a wide array of industries. For those who teach, especially those in precarious positions, the resources to put a course on-line in short order may be overwhelming or non-existent. And some are still teaching in-person. This is a time to be kind to each other and draw on our shared knowledge. 

I will update this list regularly! 

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