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ASPP – Open Access Consultation

As some of you will have seen from our twitter feed or elsewhere,* the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program is currently developing an Open Access policy.  They have asked for input from the wider scholarly community.  There are many and differing opinions on the subject, especially regarding mandatory open access policies.  The possibilities offered by open access scholarship are truly exciting, but the monetization of open access publication in some venues raises significant concerns.

These are complex issues, and I’m sure they will be much discussed at both the upcoming ACCUTE conference and the larger Congress meeting in Ottawa.  But, in the meantime, the Federation is asking for feedback on the ASPP policy, specifically.  Many of our members will have benefited from ASPP funding, and our membership boasts extensive expertise on the issues of publishing, open access,  academic funding, and so on.  So, I would like to encourage everyone to read the draft policy and reports that the Federation has published, and then offer your thoughts–both to ASPP and to ACCUTE.  You can use the comment box below to engage in an ACCUTE discussion; for the official ASPP consultation, you can see the call for feedback and relevant information here.


*Our hardworking tweeters (twitterers?) are a little hurt if you saw it elsewhere, but they’ll be o.k.


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