Campus Representatives

ACCUTE’s campus representatives serve as our liaisons to our members and their departments, providing vital on-the-ground information to ACCUTE about teaching and research across the country, and helping us speak more directly to those teachers and researchers.  Below we list our campus reps.  Is your department not represented?  Let us know!  See any errors or omissions below? Let us know that, too!

Acadia University: Erin Wunker, erin.wunker[at]

Athabasca University: Manijeh Mannani, manijehm[at]

Augustana University: Stephanie Oliver, ssoliver[at]

Bishops: Linda Morra, lmorra[at]

Brandon University: Reinhold Kramer, kramer[at]

Brock University: Neta Gordon, ngordon[at]

Canada International College: Munjeera Jefford[at]

Canadian Mennonite University: Sue Sorensen, ssorensen[at]

Cape Breton University: Mark Silverberg, mark_silverberg[at]

Carleton University: Julie Murray, JulieMurray[at]

College of the North Atlantic: Heather Jones, heather.jones[at]

Concordia University: Andre Furlani, andre.furlani[at]

Concordia University College: Neil Querengesser, neil.querengesser[at]

Dalhousie University: Judith Thompson, Judith.Thompson[at]

Douglas College: Brenna Clarke Gray grayb[at]

Fanshawe College: Andre Cormier, acormier[at]

First Nations University: Jesse Archibald-Barber, jbarber[at]

George Brown College: Anne Gagne, ann.gagne[at]

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning: Craig Patterson, craig.patterson[at]

Huron University College: Alicia Robinet

James Cook University: Victoria Kuttainen, victoria.kuttainen[at]

The King’s University: Tina Trigg, Tina.Trigg[at]

King’s University College at Western University: Krista Lysack, klysack[at]

Kwantlen Polytechnic University: Shelley Boyd, shelley.boyd[at]

Lakehead University: Anna Guttman anna.guttman[at]

Lakehead University Orillia: Alice den Otter, adenotte[at]

Laval University: Brad Kent, brad[dot]kent[at]lit[dot]ulaval[dot]ca

MacEwan University: Jack Robinson, RobinsonJ[at]

Memorial University of Newfoundland:  Caitlin Charman, ccharman[at]

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Grenfell Campus: Shoshannah Ganz, shganz[at]

McGill University: Wes Folkerth, wes.folkerth[at]

McMaster University: Grace Kehler, kehlerg[at]

Mount Allison University: Karen Bamford, kbamford[at]

Mount Royal University: Lee Easton, leaston[at]

Mount Saint Vincent University: Karen Macfarlane, karen.macfarlane[at]

National Taiwan University: Guy Beauregard, guy[at]

Ontario College of Art and Design University: Ross Bullen, rbullen[at]

Okanagan College: Matt Kavanagh, mkavanagh[at]

Queen’s University: Robert May mayr[at]

Red Deer College: Laura K. Davis, laura.davis[at]

Redeemer University College: John Van Rys, jvrys[at]

Royal Military College of Canada: Chantel Lavoie Chantel.Lavoie[a]

Ryerson University: Sarah Henstra, shenstra[at]

Saint Mary’s University: Steve Cloutier, steve.cloutier[at]

St. Thomas University: Dawn Morgan dmargan[at]

St. Francis Xavier University: Kailin Wright, kwright[at]

St Jerome’s: Veronica Austen, vjausten[at]

Sheridan College: TBA

Simon Fraser University:

Thompson Rivers University: Mervyn Nicholson, mnicholson[at]

Trent University: Michael Epp, michaelepp[at]

Trinity Western University: Sara Pearson, sara.pearson[at]

University of Alabama: TBA

University of Alberta: Natasha Hurley, nhurley[at]

University of British Columbia: Sandra Tomc, tomc[at]

University of British Columbia Okanagan: Janet MacArthur, janet.macarthur[at]

University of Calgary: Jason Wiens, jlwiens[at]

University of Guelph: Sandra Singer, ssinger[at]

Université Laval: TBA

University of Lethbridge: Heather Ladd, heather.ladd[at]

University of Manitoba: Dana Medoro, Dana.Medoro[at]

University of Moncton: Andrea Cabajsky, andrea.cabajsky[at]

Université de Montréal: Heather Meek, heather.meek[at]

University of New Brunswick: Jennifer Andrews, jandrews[at]

University of New Brunswick, Saint John: David Creelman, creelman[at]

University of Northern British Columbia: Kristen Guest, kristen.guest[at]

University of Ottawa: Robert Stacey: robert.stacey[at]

University of Prince Edward Island: Esther Wohlgemut, ewohlgemut[at]

University of Regina: Christian Riegel, christian.riegel[at]

Université Sainte-Anne: Susan Knutson, susan.knutson[at]

University of Saskatchewan: Ann Martin, ann.martin[at]

Université de Sherbrooke: David Leahy, David.Leahy[at]

University of Toronto: Karina Vernon, kvernon[at]

University of Victoria: TBA

University of Waterloo: Jennifer Harris, jennifer.harris[at]

University of Western Ontario: Manina Jones, mjones[at]

University of Western Ontario, Brescia University College: Dominick Grace, dgrace2[at]

University of Windsor:  Katherine Quinsey, kateq[at]

University of Winnipeg: Heather Snell, h.snell[at]

Vancouver Island University: TBA

Wilfrid Laurier University: Tanis MacDonald, tmacdonald[at]

York University: Lily Cho, lilycho[at]

York University, Glendon Campus: Lee Frew, lee.frew[at]

Yukon College: Andrew Richardson, arichardson[at]

updated on March 28, 2017