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English Majors and the Job Market

The findings aren’t surprising, actually.  According to an article in The Toronto Star,  March 15, 2013, graduates from the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) do have an easier time finding work immediately after the degree.  But students from liberal arts programs like English Studies also fare […]

ACCUTE supports the principle of academic freedom

The CAUT Bulletin ( reports that the Edwin Mellen Press is suing McMaster’s Associate University Librarian Dale Askey for defamation, and this because he blogged what he understood to be a “professional opinion” about the Press’s general level of achievement in scholarly publishing.  “The post, and comments following […]

The Trouble with English?

We all have our histories for “The Department of English,” and mine pre-dates that of Georgia Institute of Technology’s Richard Utz.  Utz thinks English as a formal discipline of study begins in mid-nineteenth-century continental Europe.  I am persuaded by Gauri Viswanathan’s finding, in Masks of Conquest, that English Studies […]