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Online Event: Between Posthumanism and Post-Feminism: Beyond the Gaze (?) (Webinar Date: 14 February 2023, 3:00 p.m. EST)

The Posthumanism: Cinema Philosophy Media’ Roundtable Series is pleased to invite you to their upcoming webinar, titled “Between Posthumanism and Post-Feminism: Beyond the Gaze (?).” This online roundtable seeks to spark discussion and debate in the post-feminist space defined by the differences between such recent films (for example) as Blonde (Andrew Dominik, 2022) and The Last Duel (Ridley Scott, 2021), on the one hand, and Promising Young Woman (Emerald Fennell, 2020), Pleasure (Ninja Thyberg, 2021), She Said  (Maria Schrader, 2022) and Women Talking  (Sarah Polley, 2022), or the 2020 TV series I May Destroy You, on the other.

This roundtable will address such questions as:

  • Is it possible to argue that ‘woman’ is the exemplary posthumanist subject?
  • Through a post-humanist lens, who/what becomes the centralized figure in post-feminist fiction? 
  • Does post-feminist fiction prioritize the male perspective, therefore reaffirming ‘man’ as the universal subject and bearer of the gaze? 
  • Have we lived in a post-feminist and humanist society for so long that feminism will never again be able to emerge in opposition to patriarchist modes of thinking?
  • Or, has #Metoo allowed for the successful re-emergence of women as the centralized figure? 

If so, how have the idioms of film, television, and other audiovisual narrative media changed in a post-feminist context, in order to allow for the representation of such figures? What new kinds of gazes have emerged, or are currently emerging?

Please join our moderator, Allison Koopman (Wilfrid Laurier) and our three panelists, Dr. Amanda Spallacci (University of Alberta), Dr. Julia Empey (Cambridge, UK), and Dr. Tanya Horeck (Anglia Ruskin, UK), for a wide-ranging and critically insightful discussion.

Please click here for free registration. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

For more information please contact: Dr. Russell Kilbourn at rkilbourn@wlu.ca 

Poster for Between Posthumanism Webinar (details in text above).

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