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Invitation to Participate: The/LA Collaborative

The/La Collaborative is a network of academics, graduate students, K-12 teachers and other partners based out of McMaster University. The organization, now ready to launch, is dedicated to enhancing social sciences and humanities contributions to education, social innovation and knowledge policy through campus to community partnerships. The organizers of this initiative would like to invite interested members of ACCUTE to act as academic experts for their Inquiry Learning program by participating in classroom collaborations with K-12 teachers and students. 

These collaborations are organized through an online platform with minimal time commitment for you. The/La Collaborative’s Connection Brokers (trained SSH graduate students) will identify a good fit for a collaboration that a teacher has requested, and send you an email to invite you to spend 30-90 min engaging with students of a K-12 classroom following a simple protocol that requires little to no preparation. The idea is to create an opportunity for you as a humanities and social science expert to extend your “office hours” to the community, directly benefiting K-12 teachers and students.

Click here to see how it works.

By participating as an expert on the platform, you will have the opportunity to mobilize disciplinary knowledge meaningfully and demonstrate the importance of your field of study to future citizens (and potentially also future English undergraduate students!).

The/La Collaborative was developed by SSH researchers at least in part to provide new recruitment tools and strategies, but it can also provide you, as an university-based educator, insight into how your discipline is approached in the context of K-12 education, which can be helpful when teaching introductory courses.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Phil Rich at

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