News of Members

News of Members

Peter Schwenger ( U Western) has published At the Borders of Sleep: On Liminal Literature with the University of Minnesota Press.  Allan Stoeki (Penn State) writes:  At the Borders of Sleep has changed my perspective….  [T]his liminal state … conditions all of literature, indeed all of ‘consciousness’.  This is the power of Peter Schwenger’s book – after reading it, one starts to see the liminal state, hypnagogia, everywhere.”

Manijeh Mannani (Athabasca U) and Veronica Thompson (Athabasca U) bring out an examination of how writers and performers conceptualize personal identity against the multiple claims of the nation in their collection Selves and Subjectivities: Reflections on Canadian Arts and Culture. The essays draw together themes of gender, sexuality, trauma, displacement, performativity, and linguistic diversity.

Julie Rak (U Alberta) has just given The Broadus Lectures:  Boom! Manufacturing, Selling and Reading Contemporary Memoir at the University of Alberta, and is now bringing out her new book Boom! Manufacturing Memoir for the Popular Market with WLU Press.  The book examines the recent “memoir boom” as “an industrial product like other products” – “part of social action and consumer culture at the same time.”  G. Thomas Couser (Hoftstra) writes:  “Julie Rak has looked beyond the texts that make up the memoir boom to the circumstances of their production, marketing, selling, and consumption… Her analysis greatly advances our understanding of the rise of the memoir and its important role in our cultural life.”

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