ESC 37, 3-4 now out

Why does ESC get a digital download every 4.7 minutes? It’s the scholarship, the sweep, the suggestiveness, and the swagger. Check out ESC’s new issue, 37, No. 3-4, just out, en route to your mailboxes, and soon appearing in its usual sites on Project Muse. This double issue features another edgy Readers Forum from the annual ESC panel at Congress. This one, on “Academic Rites of Passage,” offers provocations and polemics from Charn Jagpal, Eric Savoy, former ACCUTE President Frank Davey, former ESC editor Jo-Ann Wallace, and current ACCUTE Grad Caucus President Heather Jessup. The issue contains feature articles by Mathew Martin, Suzanne Rintoul, Veronica Austen, and Brad Congdon, a special section on Canadian Politics with articles by Dale Alexandra Tracy, Candida Rifkind, Ryan Cox and Ian Rae, review articles by Ronda Arab, Natasha Duquette, and Adam Carter, and reviews by Suzanne Bailey, Daniel Chaskes, Jason Laker and Maria Ng. As always, this one is packed!

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