Call for Submissions: The Canadian Modernist Magazines Project

The Canadian Modernist Magazines Project aims to digitize, share, and facilitate the study of modernist and proto-modernist periodicals published in Canada between approximately 1900 and 1950. Above all, we are interested in making important but difficult-to-access literary texts available to scholars as well as to the broader public so that they can be read, searched, downloaded, analyzed, and taught. So far, we’ve digitized four magazines: Neith (1903–1904), Le Nigog (1918), Preview (1942–45), and First Statement (1942–1945). In order to facilitate both traditional and computational analyses of texts digitized by the Canadian Modernist Magazines Project, we are also freely sharing project data.

Call for submissions: In the next phase of the project, we hope to expand the website to include additional peer-reviewed research and teaching materials. To this end, we would welcome submissions of:

  1. Teaching materials relevant to the study of Canadian modernist magazines or modernist magazines more generally (e.g., teaching guides, sample assignments, course syllabi);
  2. Critical introductions to Le NigogPreview, and First Statement.

The Canadian Modernist Magazines Project wishes to thank the many people—and organizations—who have supported this project already.

If you’d like to contribute in this way, or if you’re interested in learning more, please contact Graham Jensen.

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