EDID: Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences releases EDID Progress Report

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences has released their second EDID progress report. From the appointment of three new members to the Standing Committee on EDID, to the development of the Congress 2023 EDID Action Plan, the fall progress update documents the recent steps taken in support of the Federation’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization. You may read the full report here.

ACCUTE looks forward to rejoining the Federation for Congress 2023: Reckonings and Re-imaginings. To learn more about the Congress theme and plans for community engagement, please read this recent blog post by Andrea A. Davis, Academic Convenor for Congress 2023: “Community engagement and connections: thinking relationally in Congress 2023.”

The CFP for ACCUTE’s 2023 conference is open until 15 November 2022. To download the ACCUTE 2023 CFP, please click here.

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