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Welcome to English Matters, the one-stop blog shop for all your English (and larger academic) needs!  Click an entry’s title to see the full post. You can browse our posts, or, if you click on this entry or look to the menu on the right, you’ll find a series of links to follow for specific topics:

Email us if you have CFPs or jobs you want to advertise!  (Please make sure to give us enough lead time, and links to websites are always preferable to PDF or word files: we can reformat the latter, but it can cause delays). Are you a member who wants to write a guest post?  Email us your idea and we can talk!

Or are you a member who has some news that you want your colleagues to know?  You guessed it: email us that, too! And remember, our comments function is always available–join the conversation! (Comments are moderated (because spam) so it might take a little while to see your comment after you post it.)

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