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Deborah Bowen (Redeemer UC) was awarded the Association of Reformed Colleges and Universities lectureship for 2012-13, and spoke at four liberal arts colleges in Canada and the U.S. and also at Toronto’s Institute for Christian Studies (a graduate college in philosophy and theology) between January and March 2013. The lectures included “The Good Society: why bother with the humanities in a time of crisis?” and “Listening by metaphor: poetry and the material world.”

 Veronica Hollinger (Trent) has followed up her Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction (with Arthur B. Evans, Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr., Joan Gordon, Rob Latham, and Carol McGuirk, eds.; Wesleyan UP, 2010)


with Parabolas of Science Fiction (Brian Attebery and Veronica Hollinger, eds. Wesleyan UP, forthcoming July 2013). “The fourteen original essays in this collection explore how the field of science fiction has developed as a complex of repetitions, influences, arguments, and broad conversations.”


Check out, too, her special issue of Science Fiction Studies 40.1 (Mar. 2013), “On Chinese Science Fiction,” co-edited with  Yan Wu

Helene Staveley (Memorial U) was awarded Memorial University’s President’s Award for Outstanding Teaching (Lecturers and Instructional Staff) in December 2012. She also earned an award for best first time presentation from the Games and Learning Initiative at the Southwest Texas PCA/ACA Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico in February 2013, for a paper titled “Luka Cathy Ralph: The Child Player/Protagonist in Contemporary Children’s Narratives.”

Jo-Ann Wallace (U Alberta) has brought out a critical edition of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway with Broadview Press. A “superb edition,” writes Beth Rigel Daugherty. “With its annotated contemporary reviews, newspaper articles, and historical and medical documents, Broadview’s Mrs Dalloway is an ideal student text,” claims Maggie Humm.


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