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Dominick Grace (Brescia University College) and Eric Hoffman have just published a collection of interviews with the renowned, and controversial, graphic novelist Dave Sim. Dave Sim: Conversations (University P of Mississippi) fleshes out the ideas of the creator of Cerebus, an independent comic that ran for 300 issues, ending in 2004. “What few interviews Sim gave often pushed the limits of what an interview might be in much the same way that Cerebus pushed the limits of what a comic might be.”

A story collection by Greg Bechtel (U Alberta) is about to be published by Freehand Books. Boundary Problems is a “crossover literary/speculative fiction collection about the impossible-turned-possible — secrets, paranoia, sex, conspiracies, and magic.  These are surreal tales that vibrate on the edge of meaning without yielding simple or determinate conclusions.” Look for it on the Freehand Books website:

Kathleen McConnell (Saint Thomas University) has published Pain, Porn and Complicity: Women Heroes from Pygmalion to Twilight (Wolsak and Wynn). “What if Alexander Pope’s Rape of the Lock had been filmed by Steven Spielberg? What if Buffy the Vampire Slayer had gone to Columbine High? What if Leopold von Sacher-Masoch had been the dramaturge for Catwoman?” Former ACCUTE President Steven Bruhm writes:  “Kathleen McConnell’s provocative thesis is that each of these scenarios has indeed come to pass, and what they have produced is a resilient and telling popular archive of the Pygmalion story.  In this audacious and poetic collection of essays, McConnell shows us how the Pygmalion and Galatea story continually comes back to life from its stony sediments and animates the most popular of our guilty pleasures.  This is a book that is sure to transform us.”   – Steven Bruhm

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