We look forward to meeting you at Congress 2023, taking place in-person at York University in Toronto. ACCUTE’s Conference will run during the first four days of the Congress events, from 27-30 May 2023.

The ACCUTE 2023 Conference CFP is now closed.

Please contact with any questions.


ACCUTE in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke, 2022

ACCUTE Executive Team, 2021-2022 — Erin Knight (Coordinator), Neta Gordon (VP), and Gregory Betts (President)

Thank you! Thanks to everyone who took part in and supported our annual conference in Montreal/ Tiohtià:ke in May 2022. Our first ever independent conference used a hybrid format that enabled our members to meet for the first time since 2019, while remaining responsive to mobility, financial, and environmental concerns.

In total, 270 people attended the conference and delivered over 300 papers and presentations over the three day meeting. Flexibility, dedication, and the goodwill of our members kept us flying through through the challenges of this historic moment.

The ACCUTE 2022 Conference Program is still available for download here.