Joint Panel FAQs

1. What Makes a Good Joint Panel?
It is important to remember that ACCUTE is a “generalist” organization, and offers papers and panels that cut across fields and sub-fields and that raise topics and theoretical concerns of wide interest. While the sponsoring organizations often have a more specific focus, it is helpful to keep the ACCUTE mandate in view when designing the CFP.

2. How are papers vetted for a joint panel?
The submissions for a joint panel are vetted by the sponsoring association, according to whatever methods that group customarily uses. The sponsoring association is responsible for putting together the panel and forwarding the names of the panelists and their material to the ACCUTE office.  We do ask that panel organizers keep ACCUTE’s vetting guidelines in mind.

3. What happens if the proposal I submit to a Joint Panel is not selected? 
If your proposal or paper is not selected by the organizer(s), it will not be passed along to ACCUTE for further consideration (although if the group is holding a meeting at the Congress, it might wish to consider your paper for inclusion elsewhere on its own program).

4. Am I eligible for ACCUTE travel funds if I am a presenter in a joint-organized session?
In years when ACCUTE can offer travel funds, yes, although you should be an ACCUTE member.  Also, if the association is meeting at the Congress and holding its own panels, your travel stipend may be paid from their funds instead.  “Double-dipping” is not allowed.

Click here to find out how to submit a proposal for or to a joint session.

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