A Presenter’s Guide to Best Practices at ACCUTE


Arrive a few minutes early, and identify and introduce yourself to the panel chair and other participants before the panel begins. Plan your conference, but be flexible: Even before you leave home, you can look over the ACCUTE program Congress web site and schedule out the sessions and events you most want to attend. Sometimes you discover unexpected pleasures, so be open to that too.


Please respect other members of your panel and your audience by keeping within the time limits. Rehearse your paper (along with any audio-visual components) to ensure that it fits in within the allotted time (15 minutes for four-paper panels, 20 minutes for three-paper panels). The Chair will use a sign or gesture to indicate when you’re coming to the end of your time. Be prepared for the Chair to intervene if you run over the allotted time. 


All rooms will be equipped with basic a/v equipment, but it’s up to you to make sure everything is working and compatible. Test-run your a/v component during a break in advance of your session and ensure that you’ve brought with you any dongles, connections, flash drives, or laptops you require and that your presentation is loaded and easily accessed. Be sure your laptop or tablet is fully charged or that you have an adapter. Try out the remote control or laser pointer in advance if you intend to use them. Set up your a/v component before the session begins. If you’re using a/v, be sure your presentation includes your name and email address. 


Presenters are encouraged to employ some simple strategies for improving the accessibility of public talks. Accessible presentations will help accommodate audience members with disabilities and will also contribute to the inclusive spirit of Congress. For example, consider bringing at least one printed paper copy of your talk in a large readable font (size 16) in the event that an audience member would prefer to follow along with the written text. You may request that copy be returned at the end of your presentation. See the Congress guide on Accessible Presentations for more helpful steps toward making your presentation accessible.


There is no need to include a territorial acknowledgement before your paper, since the Chair will look after this.