CFP: Canadian Literature, “80 Years and Beyond: The Past, Present, and Future of Canadian Comics” (Deadline: 5 January 2022)

Canadian Literature: A Quarterly of Criticism & Review seeks submissions to an exciting special issue of their journal, “80 Years and Beyond: The Past, Present, and Future of Canadian Comics”. The issue will be guest edited by Zachary J.A Rondinelli (Brock University) and Candida Rifkind (University of Winnipeg).

The Canadian Parliament passed the War Exchange Conservation Act  (WECA) late in 1940 to preserve its currency for the war effort by limiting the importation of nonessential goods. Periodicals, including popular American comic books, were one casualty. Within a few months, Canadian artists and entrepreneurs responded by launching a domestic comic book industry often regarded as Canada’s golden age of comics. This industry produced four publishing companies and six years of original Canadian comics production, including Robin Hood Comics and Triumph-Adventure Comics, which featured Adrian Dingle’s Nelvana of the Northern Lights, one of the earliest female superheroes in comics.

The eightieth anniversary of the first comic books published in Canada, now known as the WECA comics era, celebrates one important milestone in a long history of comics production in Canada, from early editorial cartoons to newspaper strips to serials, bandes dessinées, graphic novels, manga, and web comics, and in multiple languages. This special issue invites scholarly articles that reflect the breadth and depth of Canadian comics history before and after the WECA comics, across a diversity of forms and platforms. We are particularly interested in submissions that offer meaningful critical insights into the history, present state, and potential future of Canadian comics studies, as well as contributions engaging in Indigenous, settler colonial, critical race, decolonial, feminist, trans, queer and/or disability studies approaches. Articles that blend the creative and the critical, as well as the theoretical and the auto-theoretical, are welcomed and encouraged.

Submissions are due by 5 January 2022.

For more information, please visit the Canadian Literature website.

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