ILSA announces masinahikan iskwêwak/Book Women podcast series

ILSA is thrilled to announce a book club collaboration with masinahikan iskwêwak/Book Women podcast. Readers are invited to participate during the months leading up to the virtual gathering at Congress 2021. ACCUTE and ESC are proud to support this project.

Inspired by this year’s Congress theme, “Northern Relations,” the three Book Women aunties — Tanya Ball, Kayla Lar-Son, and Sheila Laroque — have chosen a variety of contemporary NDN texts to read, discuss, and love together in a way that connects us all, no matter how far apart and isolated we might be right now. They will be covering texts from many genres, so please encourage your friends, family, and even your little ones to join in on these readings! 

The first book in the series, to be discussed February 2nd, 202, will be Split Tooth by Tanya Taguq.

For the complete schedule and to find out how to participate, visit

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