CFP: Essay Collection: Joyce Writing Disability (Ed. by Jeremy Colangelo; deadline: 1 March 2019)

Essay Collection:

Joyce Writing Disability

Edited by

Jeremy Colangelo

(Assistant Professor of English, Hunan Normal University)


Joyce Writing Disability is a proposed volume of essays on the history, theory, and depiction of disability as it relates to the life and work of James Joyce. Though disability is increasingly a popular topic in modernist studies, there is as yet no book dedicated to disability and/in Joyce. As such, Joyce Writing Disability will seek not to be the last word on the topic, but the first. We seek essays on a variety of topics and intersections, and are especially interested in readings that open novel and unexplored avenues for disability studies and Joyce criticism. Two major university presses have expressed an interest in the volume, and we are looking for contributions from scholars both established and new.

Possible topics might include:

  • Joyce’s own experience with disability (his eyes, for instance) as it relates to his writing
  • The intersection of disability with gender and gender fluidity
  • The evolution and growth of disability studies as it relates to Joyce’s work
  • Joyce’s queering disability
  • Disability and race
  • Disability beyond impairment, or the social construction of disability
  • The production of disability in colonialism
  • Disability as it relates to ecology and the environment
  • Joyce’s writing on disability as it relates to disability in modernism generally
  • The use of Joyce by disability critics
  • Disability and/in capitalism
  • Joyce and the history of Irish writing on disability

Proposals of 300-400 words should be sent to Jeremy Colangelo at or no later than March 1, 2019, and should be accompanied by a short biographical statement of about 50-100 words. Drafts of the essays will be due at the beginning of the following September and should be between 7,000 and 9,000 words (including notes) and formatted according to the Chicago Manuel of Style.

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