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Fellowships: Canadian Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship (International Council for Canadian Studies; deadline: 24 Nov. 2018)


To enable Canadian and foreign scholars who have completed a doctoral thesis (within the last 5 years) on a topic primarily related to Canada and are not employed in a full-time, university teaching position (10-year track) to visit a Canadian or foreign university with a Canadian Studies program for a teaching or research fellowship.


The length of the stay will be of a minimum of one month and maximum of three months.


The grant will be CDN$2,500 per month plus the cost of a return airline ticket for a maximum of CDN$10,000.


Interested individuals must take the necessary steps with the Canadian or foreign universities in question. They must obtain a formal commitment from such universities concerning the services and teaching and/or research opportunities which would be available to them. The ICCS and/or a Canadian Studies Association can assist applicants in their efforts.

Applicants must agree not to accept honoraria or salary during the period of their fellowship.


The application dossier must include:

  1. An up-to-date curriculum vitae;
  2. A copy of the doctoral thesis;
  3. A full description of the project proposed by the applicant during his/her fellowship. A candidate applying for a research fellowship must include a budget detailing travel expenses, material, photocopies, etc. A candidate applying for a teaching fellowship must also include a course outline (2 pages maximum);
  4. An official letter from the host university indicating its support of the young researcher (availability of research tools, library, archives, computer, office, accommodation, teaching load and other responsibilities);
  5. In the event the applicant’s host is a senior researcher, a letter from said researcher outlining the research project and the work to be assigned to the young researcher during the fellowship;
  6. Two letters of reference from university professors knowledgeable with the candidate’s studies.

Application files must be submitted to the ICCS with a recommendation from the national Canadian Studies Association before November 24. A decision will be made mid-March ofeach year by a committee of academics reporting to the ICCS.


Selected candidates are required to make all the necessary arrangements to carry out their project, including travel arrangements, passports and visas, accommodation, travel within the country and insurance (life, medical, etc.).

Requests for information and submissions should be addressed to:

Canadian Studies Postdoctoral Fellowships
International Council for Canadian Studies
Holland Cross RO, 1620 Scott Street, Unit 8 PO BOX 64016
Ottawa ON  K1Y 4V1


International Council for Canadian Studies

PO Box 64016, Holland Cross RO, 1620 Scott Street, Unit 8
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1Y 4V1 Canada

(819) 561-5383

Please note: one of the host institutions is the University of Silesia, Poland.  Interested candidates are requested to contact Dr. Eugenia Sojka at

Please see the full posting at

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