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Collective Knowledge: Museums, Scientific Inquiry, and Literature VIDEO

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This trans-Atlantic, 2-panel event pairs a panel at the British Society of Literature and Science (BSLS) in Bristol in April 2017 with a roundtable at the annual conference of the Association of Community College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE) at the Congress of Learned Societies in Toronto in May 2017.

Four papers were presented at the BSLS, and were video recorded and will be the impetus for discussion at the ACCUTE panel. You are welcome to view the BSLS papers here, and participate in the respondent discussion at the ACCUTE Annual Conference. The ACCUTE panel will be on Monday May 29th from 8:45-10:15 am at Ryerson University, Victoria room 104. It is open to the public.


Verity Burke, (Start: 3:45) Doctoral Candidate in English, University of Reading, “The Intermedial Museum in the Nineteenth Century.” [Presentation slides (PDF)]

John Holmes, (Start: 20:15) Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture, University of Birmingham, Poetry and Architecture in the Natural History Museum” [Presentation Handout (PDF)]

Janine Rogers, (Start: 36:05) Professor of Medieval and Sixteenth-Century Literature, Mount Allison University, “Cultural History as a Resource for Science Museumship and Outreach.” [Presentation slides (PDF)]

Sophie Thomas, (Start: 56:10) Associate Professor of English Literature, Ryerson University, “The House-Museums of John Hunter and John Soane (a comparative anatomy).” [Presentation slides (PDF)]

Discussion (Start: 1:10)

The speakers at the ACCUTE portion of the session are

  • Ailsa Barry (Vice President / Vice-présidente, Experience and Engagement / Expérience et engagement, Canadian Museum of Nature / Musée canadien de la nature)
  • Mark Engstrom (Deputy Director, Collections & Research, Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Rebecca Dolgoy (SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in Cultural Memory, University of Ottawa)
  • Marc André Fortin (Assistant Professor, English Literature and Comparative Literature, Département des lettres et communications, Université de Sherbrooke)


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