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Job: Indigenous Curriculum Specialist, Laurier (open)



  • Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Posted On: Feb. 22, 2017
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Category: Other


The Indigenous Curriculum Specialist provides expertise and service to assist with embedding an awareness of Indigenous ways of knowing into the instruction and curriculum at Wilfrid Laurier. Reporting to the Senior Aboriginal Advisor and the Director of the Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, the Indigenous Curriculum Specialist supports the development of Indigenous pedagogy and practices within the Laurier community by: 1) providing support to faculty as they integrate Indigenous ways of knowing and/ or Indigenous curriculum into courses and programs 2) developing relevant workshops and instructional supports to support the development of understanding around Indigenous ways of knowing, and 3) working closely with colleagues across the institution to assist in building capacity around Indigenous ways of knowing and supports for Indigenous students. To this end, the incumbent will research, design, and deliver a range of services and programs for undergraduate students, teaching assistants, graduate students, faculty and staff.

This position has a university-wide mandate and is based on the Waterloo Campus. The incumbent provides pedagogical expertise to all campuses, requiring regular interpersonal interactions and collaboration with departments at the Waterloo, Brantford and Kitchener Campuses, as well as the Toronto office and external partners. Special attention is given to ensure equitable service delivery across all locations.


Working extensively and collaboratively within the Aboriginal Initiatives and Teaching and Learning teams at Wilfrid Laurier University, the Diversity & Equity Office, deans, faculty, and staff instructors, the incumbent will develop faculty and program tools that assists instructors with course and curriculum supports to integrate into programs an understanding of Indigenous history, contemporary Indigenous issues, and Indigenous ways of knowing.

General Accountabilities
• Practices culturally appropriate ways of engaging Indigenous communities
• Designs, develops, and delivers workshops and training to faculty and staff in the use of educational best practices that support Indigenous curriculum and Indigenous students
• Designs and produces learning materials in a variety of formats to support teaching, learning and communication needs related to Indigenous content
• Seeks input from students, community partners, Elders and others on how to create positive learning environments that are respectful of Indigenous students’ cultures and identities
• Negotiates between multiple stakeholders to ensure the appropriate level of intervention and discussion
• Demonstrates an understanding of current student support offerings to assist in student consultations and isolates opportunities for development of new supports that address needs of Indigenous students
• Tracks the nature of requests in order to report on and identify trends in needed support for faculty and staff.
• Manages projects where relevant that bring together faculty, staff, students, and community to deepen knowledge of Indigeneity and Indigenous issues at Laurier
• Supports the work (through consultation and relationship building) of multiple stakeholders, such as faculty, staff, students, and communities
• Participates on committees, advisory groups, and community groups to gather feedback and increase understanding of Indigenous curriculum
• Employs tact, resilience, political and professional sensitivity appropriate to the context/setting
• Brokers and mediates relationships and initiatives between and across individuals, departments, campuses, institutions, communities, and professional associations, including coordination of the schedules and work of others
• Demonstrates diplomacy and sensitivity in all interactions/professional practice
• Evaluates the impact and success of program supports and services in collaboration with the Senior Advisor: Aboriginal Initiatives and Director: CTIE
• Hire, train, and direct the work of student staff and other student help within the both offices
• Train and support the work of volunteers within the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives where relevant
• Advise campus partners on matters pertaining to Indigeneity
• Manages and Develops multiple projects on an ongoing capacity which supports the deepening of understanding of Indigeneity, Indigenous issues, and Indigenous ways of knowing
• Works with Indigenous communities to build mutual understanding and the development of meaningful conversations to strengthen Laurier’s relationship with, and relevance in, Indigenous community groups
• Assumes responsibility across Teaching and Learning for ensuring that all staff develop necessary understanding or appropriate responses to Indigenous issues

Curriculum Support
• Researches, creates and delivers programming and instructional materials on Indigeneity
• Assesses the support needs of faculty and instructional staff with respect to Indigenous ways of teaching and learning
• Provides support to faculty and staff on instructional design, assessment strategies, best practices in the classroom, and the integration of learning technologies related to implementing Indigenous content
• Provides support to Indigenous faculty to assist in developing a deeper awareness for Indigenous ways of knowing and contemporary Indigenous issues
• Provides support for students and faculty around negotiating the impact of, and building understanding around, moments when Indigenous content is engage with in contentious ways
• Advises faculty and academic program committees with strategies to incorporate Indigenous ways of teaching and learning into the curriculum (course and/or program level)
• Conducts individual consultations with instructors to determine their needs and provide them with resources and supports to enhance their teaching, their students’ learning, and the instructional setting
• Advices Faculties, Deans, Individual instructors, Staff, and Students in the navigation of Indigenous issues within the curriculum and ways to ensure that Laurier that conversations happen safely and respectfully


• Master’s degree in education, Indigenous studies or other related field
• Teaching experience at a post-secondary level
• Minimum of four years of work experience in higher education
• Experience working with Indigenous student and community groups
• Knowledge of resources available to support instructional and educational development specific to the delivery of Indigenous content to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners
• He/she is from one of the constitutionally recognized Aboriginal peoples of Canada (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit)
• Evidence of an advanced level of tact in addressing sensitive issues with multiple stakeholders
• Knowledge of the highly political nature of Indigeneity and Indigenous issues and experience in navigating difficult conversations towards positive outcomes
• Able to effectively communicate experience with teaching Indigenous content to faculty and staff
• Experience with mentoring, mediation, and negotiation
• Experience in designing rich and interactive learning experiences in a learning management system and comfort in using current tools and resources to assist faculty in creating learning experiences in traditional classrooms, online environments, and using a blended delivery approach
• Demonstrated knowledge, skill, and experience with college or university-level teaching, program planning, facilitation, consultation, curriculum development, resource development, and supervision
• Superior organizational, project management, communication (written and oral), and self-management skills
• Sound and current knowledge of the educational literature (e.g., teaching/learning, instructional design, assessment, student development) and an ability to apply theory to practice
• Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team or project setting
• A client-oriented, research-informed, evidence-based, outcomes-centred approach to practice
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office products, and an awareness and use of course management systems and other educational technologies/applications used in teaching
• Knowledge of Wilfrid Laurier University, its strategic directions, and its academic support units an asset
• Willingness to work outside of regular daytime hours and at Laurier’s multiple campuses, as required
• A valid driver’s license
• Some lifting may be required in association with program and event delivery/coordination


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