CFP: John Donne Society: 32nd Annual Conference (Deadline: September 15, 2016)

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John Donne Society: 32nd Annual Conference

Thursday, 16 February, to Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Lod and Carol Cook Conference Center Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Individual papers on any aspect of Donne’s life and work are welcome. We also welcome panels of papers addressing specific topics in Donne studies.

FULL PAPERS PREFERRED; SUBSTANTIAL ABSTRACTS CONSIDERED. (1 copy, 8-10 pages maximum, as an email Word attachment; please include your e-mail address, academic affiliation, and mailing addresses in the body of the email submission).

Each year the conference gives two awards, the John R. Roberts Award for Best Essay by a Graduate Student and the Kate Gartner Frost Award for Best Essay by an Early Career Scholar (i.e., within the first seven years after receiving his or her doctorate). Those interested in being considered for either award should say so in the cover message.


15 September 2016


Professor Sean H. McDowell

University Honors Program

Seattle University



Heather Dubrow, President

Kirsten Stirling, First Vice-President

Brent Nelson, Second Vice-President

Sean H. McDowell, Executive Director

Gregory Kneidel, Secretary/Treasurer

Joan Faust, Local Arrangements Chair



Judith Scherer Herz (2014-2016)

Tamara Goeglein (2014-2016)

Tessie Prakas (2014-2016)

Dennis Flynn (2015-2017)

Angela Balla (2015-2017)

Abigail Marcus (2015-2017)

Katherine B. Attié (2016-2018)

Achsah Guibbory (2016-2018)

Marla Lunderberg (2016-2018)

Gary Stringer (ex-officio)

Jeffrey Johnson (ex-officio)

Tracy McLawhorn (ex-officio)

For more information, please consult our new website:


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