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Opinions on the Air: An Administration-Compensation Conversation

Of late, there has been much discussion regarding the financial compensation offered to university presidents in Canada and the contracts that govern that compensation.  Spurred in part by the information provided on sunshine lists (lists that themselves have been the subject of debate), we have now heard questions being raised at Western University, St. Francis Xavier University (listen to the second link below), and ACCUTE’s own current host institution, Dalhousie University, all around compensation provided for administrative leave (again more below).

ACCUTE President Jason Haslam and our colleague Leonard Diepeveen recently discussed these specific issues and the larger issue of the corporatization of universities on CBC Radio’s Information Morning (7 August 2015).  Jason was speaking for himself as a faculty member, and not on behalf of ACCUTE, but we offer a link to the show as part of our ongoing series of opinion pieces.  This and other such opinion pieces do not necessarily represent the opinion of ACCUTE or its membership, but are offered in hopes of generating discussion among our members.

Are you an ACCUTE member who has been interviewed or had a piece in the media that ACCUTE members may be interested in reading and discussing?  Let us know!  And as always, please update us on significant career information for our news of members.

Listen to the discussion with Jason and Len here.

And listen to today’s follow-up here, featuring our colleague Robin Vose, President of CAUT.

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