ACCUTE 2014 Draft Conference Program

ACCUTE is happy to release the draft program for our 2014 conference, scheduled for 24-27 May at Brock University. This is a draft, not the final version, but we’ll do our best to keep changes to a minimum.
We’re especially pleased to welcome our plenary speakers, Stephen Guy-Bray and Faye Hammill. Dr. Guy-Bray’s talk is titled “Greek Designs: The Queerness of Paraphrase,” while Dr. Hammill’s is “Sophistication, modernism, entertainment,” and she will be joined in conversation by Jennifer Andrews and Peter Schwenger. We’re also excited for our third plenary, “Back to the Future,” which features past, current, and future presidents in conversation about ACCUTE as an organization.
Please note that ACCUTE is hosting a Sessional Caucus lunch that is open to all members of ACCUTE. We’ll be discussing ways to implementACCUTE‘s recently released Contract Academic Faculty Checklist, and the event is scheduled for 25 May, 12:15-1:15pm. We’re asking you to RSVP to info.accute@gmail.com (by 9 April) if you plan to attend.

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