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Canadian Literature are launching their second completely open-access online guide to Canadian Literature:  Gender and Performativity: Texts and Contexts in the CanLitGuides series.  See

This was written and produced by a collaborative team at the journal consisting of Laura Moss, Margery Fee, and grad students Karen Correia Da Silva, Mike Borkent, and Alissa McCarther, as well as tech wizard Matthew Gruman.

CanLit Guides is created in order to share resources on the study of CanLit and to add to public discussions about Canadian writing. It contains several case studies of a range of works of fiction and non-fiction as well many poems originally published in the journal. The guide also includes hundreds of questions about gender, performance, sexuality, and writing.

CanLit Guides is a modular learning resource, developed by Canadian Literature, that introduces students to reading and writing at a university level. The guides take full advantage of our journal’s online archive, helping students navigate both classic and contemporary Canadian literature, and the complex scholarly conversations surrounding it.

Here’s what is in the guide:

Please check it out and spread the word.

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