What is the difference between the General Call for Papers and the special panels?

The General Call for Papers (where most proposals will be sent) welcomes paper proposals in all fields of English studies.  Submitted proposals are anonymized, then vetted, and, if accepted, placed on a panel.  These panels are planned collaboratively by the ACCUTE President, Vice-President, and Coordinator.  Because ACCUTE is a generalist conference, the practice has been to form panels around themes (rather than traditional categories of historical period or national background) to encourage discussions among scholars.

Special panels are simply specific Calls for Papers that organizers have proposed in advance and that ACCUTE has accepted.  Member-Organized Panels are organized and chaired by members of ACCUTE. Joint-Sponsored Panels are organized and chaired by an individual from another association, whose interests overlap with those of ACCUTE.  Submitters to Joint-Sponsored Panels may be a member of either ACCUTE or of the co-sponsoring association. Board-Sponsored Panels are panels on professional and disciplinary concerns, organized by ACCUTE board members.  Often Board-Sponsored Panels have a roundtable or Q&A style, and the presenters may be invited by the ACCUTE Board (though often a CFP will be released, calling for other submissions).

All paper proposals that are not ideally suited for a Member-Organized, Joint-Sponsored, or Board-Sponsored Panel will still be considered in the General Call.