How are papers vetted for a Member-Organized Panel?

The ACCUTE office anonymizes all submissions then distributes them for blind vetting.  Submissions for Member-Organized Panels are sent to the organizer of the panel, who performs the initial vetting, following the Vetting Guidelines provided in the general procedures. The organizer assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal and gives it an evaluation (Highly Recommended, Recommended, Provisionally Recommended, or Rejected) regardless of whether the organizer intends to include the proposed work on the panel. The organizer then sends the vetting reports to the ACCUTE office, and indicates which proposals will be included on the panel.  A single panel has three papers (max. four but only in exceptional situations).  If all the submitted proposals are of such outstanding quality as to warrant the addition of a second panel on the same topic, ACCUTE may agree to a second panel.

Proposals that have not been selected for the panel may still end up on the programme, as they will be entered into the General Call for Papers and will be vetted by a member of the ACCUTE Board and/or an ACCUTE member in the field.