This is my first conference submission. Help!

ACCUTE welcomes papers from graduate student members. Here are some hints for novice submitters:
First, a good graduate paper does not necessarily make a good conference paper (even if it got an A+). How significant is its scholarly contribution, as judged by the wider academic world?

Second, ask yourself: is this my strongest and best work? Is it ready for presentation and is the research complete? (Don’t present a dissertation “proposal.”) Would I want to be remembered for this paper several years from now?

Third, get a second opinion on whether it is suitable for a conference presentation and the best way to revise for submission.

Remember that many of the people who attend the annual ACCUTE conference are not giving papers. It can be a good plan to attend one conference first, to see how things are done.

Feel free to contact the ACCUTE office with questions or for assistance with your submission.