CWC – Call for Panels 2022




We encourage anyone planning a panel to consult ACCUTE’s Equity Statement and to consider how their panel fulfills the ambitions and values it seeks to uphold.

A panel may follow the conventional academic three- or four-paper format, but we also encourage proposers to consider alternative formats such as:

  • Literary Readings or Reading/Discussion combinations
  • Round Table: participants present and have a discussion on a designated topic
  • Pecha Kucha or 7-14-28 or Ignite: participants offer rapid-fire showcases with limited time/number of slides, followed by discussion
  • Workshop: participants work collaboratively and with attendees on a practical problem or enact an approach to workshopping (eg. workshopping via question and answer, addressing a craft issue, developing a grading rubric)
  • Demonstrations: participants present on teaching or technological innovations, with explanations and discussion
  • Interview session: each panelist gives a brief presentation, and is then interviewed by the next panelist, who then presents his/her work
  • Storytelling panel: discussion based on participants’ narrative presentations: a “stories of….” approach
  • Technology-mediated session: incorporates social media responses, mobilizes technology to access off-site participants or author reading/interview
  • Collaborative presentations: participants present in groups rather than individually

Some CFPs attract many submissions; some, few or none. A successful CFP is neither too general (problems in fiction) nor too specific (use of the first person in experimental fiction). It identifies an interesting or timely topic or writerly problem, or an under-represented area, and reflects current thinking on that subject. Think of the eventual audience as well as the submitters: try to pick a topic that is not overly specialized and that has a general or cross-field appeal. Craft the CFP carefully, without issuing too many directives, and let your submitters show what they can do with it. And be sure to spend some time publicizing the CFP to the kinds of writers who would enrich the event.

Suggested Creative Writing Topics for ACCUTE 2022
  • Decolonization and creative writing
  • Building anti-racist writing workshops
  • Writing as social practice
  • Intersectionality in writing communities
  • Intercultural and intergenerational knowledge-sharing
  • Creative writing mentorship and pedagogy
  • Research creation
  • Interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and creative writing
  • Literary readings (including works in progress)
  • Craft and process
  • Editing and publishing
  • The pandemic’s effects on the discipline of creative writing
  • Student experiences in creative writing programs
  • A topic not on this list!

If you would like to submit a panel proposal, email ACCUTE ( with the following information indicated clearly:

  • The proposed panel title and format
  • Your name, institution, and email address
  • The text of the CFP to a maximum of 200 words

If accepted, your CFP will be publicized to the ACCUTE membership in September with a deadline for submissions of Friday 19 November 2021. Submissions will come through the Online Proposal Submission Form on the ACCUTE website, and then be forwarded to panel organizers for vetting.