ACCUTE Online Submission Form 2021/2022

All submissions for ACCUTE’s 2022 conference should be made using the form below. This includes submissions for the General Call for Papers, CWC Panels, Joint-Sponsored Panels, Member-Organized Panels, and Board-Organized Panels.

Submissions are due by 22 December 2021.

We encourage our members to consult ACCUTE’s Equity Statement and to consider how their proposal fulfills the ambitions and values it seeks to uphold.

PLEASE NOTE: A complete submission requires contact information, a proposal of 300-500 words (with no identifying marks), an abstract of 100 words max., and a biographical note of 50 words max. If you have submitted a proposal and do not hear back from us by 30 November 2021, please contact Erin Knight at


The proposal should be a 300-500 word description of your paper, with no identifying marks, as it will be sent to vettors.  

Type of Proposal:

Please indicate if your proposal should be sent to the General Call, to a Member-Organized, Joint-Sponsored, or CWC Panel, or to a Board-Sponsored Panel, and, if relevant, name the special panel.  You cannot submit the same paper to the General Pool and to a Member-Organized or Joint-Sponsored Panel.  However, if your proposal is rejected for a Member-Organized or Joint-Sponsored Panel, it may still be considered for the General Pool.  You may make more than one submission if the proposals are substantially different and they go to different CFPs (e.g. one to the General Call and one to a Member-Organized or Joint-Sponsored Panel).


These are very helpful for the office when we are working on the program, but should be framed in terms that will connect with other papers. Common keywords might note the period, the theoretical or methodological approach, the authors, the region/nationality of topic, and/or thematic terms.


The abstract should be a 100-word description of the presentation that will eventually be included in the conference program.

Special A/V Request:

Every room will be equipped with a basic A/V package, including a computer, data projector, sound, and HDMI and VGA cables.  Members will need to provide their own Mac adapter, if necessary.  Please enter any additional special requests in the space provided.

ACCUTE Equity Statement:

You will find the ACCUTE Equity Statement here.

(Member-Organized, CWC, or Joint-Sponsored Panels only)
*ACCUTE will make every effort to accommodate your request.