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Important Info for ACCUTE and Congress 2016 Attendees

As you all know, Fort McMurray, Alberta, was recently devastated by a massive wildfire that forced the evacuation of the entire city and nearby communities.  Many of those who have been displaced are currently being hosted by Alberta universities, including our Congress host, the University of Calgary.  Today, the […]

Why Join ACCUTE?

You may have seen a letter floating around your department or online lately, touting the benefit of ACCUTE membership. In case you haven’t, we’re happy to post it below. Written by President Jason Haslam, building on a similar letter written about ten years ago by past President Linda […]

Motion to Incorporate and New Bylaws

As you know if you’ve been reading our newsletters from this Winter and Spring, the ACCUTE executive has been exploring the necessity of, and process for, registering ACCUTE as an incorporated not-for profit. There are several reasons why this is necessary.  We sketch out some of these reasons in […]