Member-Organized Panel FAQs

May any member propose a CFP for a member-organized panel?
Yes – but in a year where there are more proposals than reasonably could be accommodated, the ACCUTE executive may need to reject some proposals.

May I submit more than one panel proposal?
Members are allowed two panel proposals, but may be restricted, for reasons mentioned above.

Will I qualify for travel funds as an organizer-chair?
While you might be able to apply to your own institution for travel funds, the money distributed by ACCUTE is for presenters only. As a result, many organizers of member-organized panels submit a paper of their own to another CFP or to ACCUTE’s general call for papers (or even, to another association meeting at the same time at the Congress).

Can I contact the ACCUTE office in advance to discuss my proposal?
By all means, feel free to get in touch in advance to discuss your idea, or with any procedural questions.

Procedures for Vetting Submissions to a Member-Organized Panel:
Submissions are initially sent to the ACCUTE office through the Proposal Submission Form, then distributed to the panel organizers. Member-organizers must perform the initial vetting of the papers and proposals they receive. Following the Vetting Guidelines provided in the general procedures and using the Word-file version of the Vetting Report Form, organizers must vet each submission assessing its strengths and weaknesses, and giving each an evaluation  regardless of whether the organizer intends to include the proposed work on the panel. In order to ensure anonymous vetting, members are not permitted to submit to their own panels.

Member-organizers will forward their vettings to the ACCUTE office by December 15, indicating which proposals/papers they wish to include on their panel and which they do not. ACCUTE will then arrange for a second vettor to assess the submissions. Please note that member-organizers should not inform any of their submitters whether they are included on the proposed panel or not, until they hear back from ACCUTE.

Submissions that have not been included on the proposed panel will be treated as submissions to the general call, and may very well end up on the programme.

Please note that each vettor should recommend a maximum of three or four proposals, enough to fill a single panel on a given topic. If both vettors determine independently that all submitted papers are of such outstanding quality as to warrant the addition of a second panel on the same topic, and if they support their recommendations with a convincing statement of the exceptional qualities that make such a course of action desirable, ACCUTE may, very exceptionally, agree to a second panel.

ACCUTE will contact the submitters and inform them of their inclusion or exclusion from the programme.

Member-organizers should be available to chair their panels, or find an alternate to do so, at the date and time when ACCUTE so designates on its programme.

Click here to find out how to submit a proposal for a member-organized panel.