ACCUTE CFP: General Pool – Submission Form

If you are submitting a proposal to the general ACCUTE call for papers, you must use the form below.  If you are submitting to a member-organized or joint panel, please follow the submission guidelines listed for the panel in the call for papers.

We will send out acknowledgements for general pool submissions in the days following the Nov. 15th deadline.  If you submit a proposal but don’t hear back from us by 30 November, please email us.

Please note the following:

AV: Please indicate whether or not you need AV.

Proposals: As with most of life, this form is not perfect.  The form does not accept special characters or formatting, but only plain text.  If you cut and paste your proposal into the text box, you may need to do some light editing, as some special characters might appear as “garbage” text.  If you have any problems, please just let us know.

Keywords: These are very helpful for the office when we are working on the program, but should be framed in terms that will connect with other papers. Common keywords include: period; theoretical or methodological approach; authors; region/nationality of topic; thematic terms.

If you have a WordPress account, and you are logged in, the “name” and “email address” fields might already be filled out with your WordPress name and email. If you need to change them, you should be able to, but if not just log out of WordPress and try again.