The 76%

Sarah Kendzior’s April 11th, 2013 article in Aljazeera: reports “76% of American university faculty are adjunct professors,” which means that most of them receive no benefits, including health care, make “an average of $2,700 per course,” and live below the poverty line.  Most PhD graduates in English […]

Petition to return child care services to Congress

ACCUTE member Anna Guttman (Lakehead) has started a petition asking the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences to  return to its previous practice offering  child care services during  Congress.  She writes:  “Last year, at Congress 2012 in Waterloo, in contrast to previous years, no child care […]

News of Members

Peter Schwenger ( U Western) has published At the Borders of Sleep: On Liminal Literature with the University of Minnesota Press.  Allan Stoeki (Penn State) writes:  At the Borders of Sleep has changed my perspective….  [T]his liminal state … conditions all of literature, indeed all of ‘consciousness’.  This […]