Joint Sessions

A Joint Session is intended to foster links between ACCUTE and other academic associations, whether those associations regularly appear at Congress or not. Of special interest to ACCUTE are sessions that address literary and theoretical fields that have traditionally been under-represented at our conference, such as American Literature, Medieval, and Eighteenth-Century Studies, but other joint sessions are welcome as well.

Every year, the ACCUTE conference program includes a dozen or more “joint sessions” which are organized with other Federation member societies or with free-standing academic associations that use the opportunity to offer one or two sessions at the Congress. While ACCUTE welcomes sessions that reflect that annual Congress theme, any topic that reflects ACCUTE’s mandates or interests of its members will be considered.

Submit a Joint Session Proposal
Joint sessions begin with a discussion between the president or conference program chair of the sponsoring society and the president of ACCUTE, usually during the summer months.

If you would like to propose a panel, email ACCUTE with the following information indicated clearly:

  • Name of the co-sponsoring association;
  • The proposed title of session;
  • Your name and institution;
  • The email address(es) you would like the submissions sent to;
  • The text of the CFP to a maximum of 200 words;
  • Please also include in the CFP the ACCUTE submissions procedures (i.e., “Please send the following: A file containing a 300-500 word proposal, without personal identifying marks; A file containing a 100 word abstract and a 50 word biographical statement; the 2015 Proposal Submissions Information Sheet available on the ACCUTE website”).

If accepted, your proposal will be publicized to the ACCUTE membership in early or mid-September with a deadline for submissions of November 1. Once the submissions have been received, you are responsible for making sure they conform to the posted CFP proposal guidelines.

The organizer(s) of the joint session are solely responsible for picking the session participants, using whatever method of vetting or assessment is preferred by their association. The organizer(s) advise the submitters of the results, and forward the successful papers (with accompanying materials) to the ACCUTE office. No further vetting takes place, but ACCUTE may send the proposed panel to an expert in the field for comment. The organizer is expected to attend the conference to chair their session; if this is not possible, the sponsoring society should select a chair.

Submitting to a Joint Session
Persons submitting to one of these sessions should send their submissions directly to the session organizer according to his or her stated deadlines as published on the ACCUTE website and in the ACCUTE Newsletter. Submitters are required to follow ACCUTE’s proposal guidelines for submissions and organizers are asked to bear in mind the Vetting Guidelines.

Please note that anyone presenting a paper in a joint session and who is not a member of ACCUTE must be a member of the partner organization, although we really hope you’ll take out an ACCUTE membership as well. It is up to the session organizer to determine that presenters are members of at least one association.

For more information on joint sessions, please click here.