General Sessions

Proposals for the ACCUTE Conference are due by November 1 of the year preceding the conference. A formal call for papers (CFP) will go out in September every year, both on the website and in our newsletter.  For help writing a proposal, please click here.

Proposal Guidelines
In order to apply for the conference, we require electronic copies of:

  • A 300-500 word proposal. Please note that because of our policy of blind vetting, ACCUTE cannot accept proposals or papers that include personal identifying marks (including information in headers, references to your work or to your collaborations with others, your rank or institutional affiliation, or any other information that might identify you to a vettor).
  • A 100-word abstract of your proposed presentation and a 50-word bibliographical note on yourself. Should your paper be accepted for the conference, this information will appear in the programme and so it must adhere to the word limits. Abstracts and bios exceeding the word limit will be returned to you for editing.
  • The completed 2015 proposal info sheet.  If you are applying via email, please fill out and save an electronic copy of this form and attach it to the email. If you are applying via our online submission website, this form is included online and you only need to attach your proposal and abstract.

How to Submit
If you are applying to a member-organized session or a joint session, contact the organizer directly via the email address they have provided in the call for papers and provide them with an email submission (see below).

Email Submissions: Send an email to ACCUTE with electronic copies of all three documents attached to the email.